Our Impact


Statistics from the Foodbank for the Heartland show that Table of Grace distributed 109,242 pounds of food in 2020.This means that we distributed 33,152 more pounds of food in 2020 than in 2019. According to these calculations, this provided 92,035 meals to our clients in 2020. That's up 28,627 meals from last year! Unfortunately, these statistics only include the food received from Walmart and purchased from the Foodbank. They do not include food that we received from Safeway or purchased from our local stores.



Distributed Food From Table of Grace

The blue graph displays the pounds of food that Table of Grace has distributed through April of 2021. The red graph shows the total pounds of food that Table of Grace has distributed during the last five years. The graphs only depict the food that is donated by Walmart, received from USDA and purchased through the Foodbank of the Heartland in Omaha. They do not show the food that is donated to us by Safeway or the food we purchased from local stores.