Sidney Food Pantry Registration Form

This is a registration form for the Sidney pantries only. Please print, and fill out completely.  Your registration will not be complete until you present to Table of Grace, this form, an ID for each person living in the home and proof of current address.


Registration Guidelines

Sidney Pantries Only

Clients must be at or below the following government income guidelines for GROSS monthly income per combined *household members, in order to attend the pantry in Sidney.

* Household includes all persons living in one house with the same address. 

1- $2,127 2- $2,873 3-$3,620 4-$4,367 5- $5,133 6- $5860 7-$6,607 8- $7353

Anyone is allowed to come to the pantries, if they met the above income guidelines.  

Full access to the pantry is for residents of Cheyenne County only and 1x per month. Anyone residing outside of Cheyenne County, not registered or anyone that comes more than once a month will receive USDA food only.

Clients will have to bring the following in order to access the pantries in Sidney. Registration is good for one year unless your information changes. 

Bring 1 of the following photo identification for each person in the household over age 19:
Personal Driver’s License
State ID
Work ID
Housing Authority ID
Tribal ID

Bring 1 form of identification for each member of the household under age 19:
Social Security card
School ID
Medicaid card/letter
Birth certificate
Insurance card

Bring 1 of the following items for proof of current household address:
Mail from a government agency, such as Medicaid, dated within the last 60 days
A bill, such as a phone or electric bill, dated within the last 60 days
A lease

Table of Grace cannot accept written letters as proof of identification or address. Please come prepared to sign a statement of monthly income.